We are the Library Green Conservancy, a group of residents working with the local community and the City of Ann Arbor to create an urban public park next to the downtown branch of the Ann Arbor District Library.


Help define our Library Block!

The Ann Arbor community still has a unique opportunity to shape what will become the primary public space in the heart of downtown Ann Arbor. The Library Green Conservancy will update this page to inform you here about opportunities to have your voice heard.

Thanks to everyone who contributed towards the October 12 fundraiser, “There’s a Lot at Stake.” We exceeded our goal but we welcome additional support. Please consider making a donation!

How did your City Council member vote on the future of the Library Lot?

Here is some coverage from the Ann Arbor News:

Ann Arbor council votes 8-3 to sell city lot for 17-story high-rise

“More than three hours into its Monday night meeting, April 17, the City Council voted 8-3 to sell the development rights to the Fifth Avenue property to Chicago-based developer Core Spaces for $10 million. Mayor Christopher Taylor and his allies voted for it, while Council Members Jack Eaton, Sumi Kailasapathy and Jane Lumm opposed it … (t)he seven council members who joined the mayor in casting the votes to approve the Core Spaces deal were Zachary Ackerman, Jason Frenzel, Julie Grand, Graydon Krapohl, Chip Smith, Chuck Warpehoski and Kirk Westphal.”

– MLive April 19, 2017

Ann Arbor council votes against putting downtown park proposal on ballot

“In a 7-4 vote on Thursday night, Aug. 4, the council rejected a resolution that called for putting a question on the Nov. 8 ballot … (t)he only four in favor of putting the question to voters were the resolution’s co-sponsors: Jack Eaton, Sabra Briere, Jane Lumm and Sumi Kailasapathy. Mayor Christopher Taylor and his allies — Zachary Ackerman, Julie Grand, Graydon Krapohl, Chip Smith, Chuck Warpehoski and Kirk Westphal — were against it.”

– MLive August 5, 2016

CORE is a Chicago based company. They were selected by the City as the leading candidate to negotiate for the right to develop on the Library Lot. On March 16, the public had its first opportunity to comment to City Council on CORE’s proposal for a 17-story, luxury hotel and condo tower to be built in the middle of this publicly owned site. Despite the strong opposition voiced during that working session, the majority of City Council members subsequently voted to go forward with the CORE proposal.

If you have an opinion about the use of this publicly-owned, center of downtown Ann Arbor, contact City Council and let them know. Several members of City Council are running for reelection in the November 7 election. You can thank your Council Member if he or she voted to represent your views. You may also want to evaluate the positions of the challengers for City Council to see where they stand on the future of the Library Lot.

Sign the petition to put the Library Lot’s future on the ballot!

If you are interested in circulating a petition to place the Library Lot initiative on the ballot, please contact us and we’ll provide you with copies of the petition as well as an orientation to circulating. If you cannot afford to circulate the petition as a volunteer, we have some funds to compensate paid circulators. Let us know if interested.

Stay informed

Sign up for our email list so we can keep you updated! If you haven’t signed the ballot access petition, write and ask for more information.

Request a printed or pdf copy of our Citizen’s Report on Reuse of the Top of the Library Lot, or read it online:

April 2013 Edition

Citizen’s Report, April 2013 Edition

Citizen’s Report, January 2013 Edition


5 Responses to Welcome!

  1. thank you for helping our community

  2. Lorri Sipes says:

    I live at 322 E. Liberty, overlooking the Library Lot, and what I hope will someday be Ann Arbor Central Park. I am a former DDA Chair, architect and city planner. Yesterday I spoke at the presentation by two developers who have prepared proposals for the development of Library Lot. I sense that there is an opening to stop, or at least re-wind the process for development of this site based on a few factors:
    1. The feedback at the 3pm meeting was primarily against the size of the development but more importantly, the process itself.
    2. We are in the midst of major turn-overs in City Hall including City Manager, Director of Planning and Fifth Ward representation.
    3. Approval of Briere’s proposal to study moving Arthur Miller’s house to Liberty Plaza indicates, to me at least, that there are other factors at work on this block than we know about.

    We should take advantage of this possible opening to move the conversation back to creating a real public place on the only publicly-owned block in central Ann Arbor.

    Lorri D. Sipes, FAIA

  3. Lauren Sargent says:

    Belmar Urban Plaza in Lakewood CO is a BUziLT and wildly successful project very much like A2 Central Park idea.


    Call me 734-645-6340

  4. Helga Haller says:

    I don”t believe this mayor and council care at all about our opposition to building a monstrously tall building on the library lot. Their minds are made up.

  5. Terese Birmingham says:

    The council and planning commisson have sold out to developers who are ruining the true nature of our city.

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