Downtown Park Approved by City Council

An exciting update from Will Hathaway:

Greetings Library Green!

City Council approved the Resolution to Designate an Urban Public Park Location on the Library Lot Site.

The resolution was first amended to allow the PAC the opportunity to make a recommendation about the northern boundary of the area to be reserved for the park. Reference to the PROS Plan was also deleted. Voting in favor of the amended resolution were Eaton, Warpehoski, Anglin, Kailasapathy, Briere, Lumm, and Kunselman. Mayor Hieftje, and CMs Teal and Taylor voted against.

Thanks everyone who has communicated with the Mayor and City Council to urge their support for the resolution.

Here is Ann Arbor Chronicle coverage of the action by City Council and the AADL board:

At this writing the City Council has not yet acted on the resolution offered by CM Kunselman to authorize an effort to sell the remaining build-able portion of the Library Lane site.

Please take time to send a thank you note to each of the seven members of City Council who voted to approve the resolution to designate the location for an urban public park on the Library Lot site. It was a compromise of a compromise, but it accomplished the important goal of putting City Council on record for a public park along the Fifth Avenue frontage of the site.

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