Mission Statement

We own the land. We have a plan.

The “Library Lot” is the long-empty center of Ann Arbor. At this important location, we have the chance to create a new heart for Ann Arbor — even as the cavity there is being filled with steel and concrete for new underground parking.

We own the land. We have the will.

We are a group of Ann Arbor residents who believe that the social and cultural value of a community owned public space in downtown Ann Arbor far exceeds any financial value such a space might have. We seek to encourage both public and private agencies and individuals to work together towards creating a green space on the last remaining site where it could be accomplished, the roof of the Library Parking structure. Such a space will help to make Ann Arbor even more a special city by providing a common location where people can meet for social, civic, and recreational purposes.  We wish to incorporate a broad range of public input in the creation of such a facility and intend that the result will be a significant community asset, ecologically, socially, and financially.

As you are co-owners of this public property, we invite you to think about alternatives and speak up about what you would like to see at the heart of Ann Arbor.

Would you like a green public park, meeting place and venue for outdoor activity at the heart of Ann Arbor?

Or, another paved parking lot – surrounding the public library with a “moat” of concrete and pressing the life from the heart of Ann Arbor?