Park Resolution Postponed Until City Council’s March 17 Meeting

Important Update from Will Hathaway:

Council Member Jack Eaton now has a plan to postpone a vote until City Council’s March 17 meeting.

This will allow time to amend the resolution in response to several concerns that have been raised. We will discuss the amendments and other topics when the Library Green Conservancy holds its next meeting at 1:30pm on Sunday, March 9 at 310 South Ashley.

It is expected that the vote on the amended resolution will go forward on 3/17/14. Since that is St. Patrick’s Day, it should be even easier to remember to wear green in support.

If you would like to attend the City Council meeting tonight, you are still welcome to do so. If you are choosing which meeting to attend, the March 17 meeting should be the priority.

In the meantime, please do contact the Mayor and members of City Council to communicate your support for designating the urban public park on the Library Lot. I’ll attach the site plan showing the proposed boundaries. This part of the resolution will not change.

Public Urban Park Boundaries From Proposed Resolution

Also, there are currently two articles on which comments have been posted regarding the proposed park. If you are interested in participating in either or both of these discussions, here are links to the articles. It is always good to have positive comments to counter those by opponents of a downtown park.

Ann Arbor Chronicle:

March 3, 2014: Ann Arbor Council Preview

Ann Arbor News:

New downtown park proposal to come before Ann Arbor City Council

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