As Ann Arbor undergoes an unprecedented construction boom, City Hall is moving to sell and commercially develop publicly owned land adjacent to the Downtown Public Library. Despite its never being accepted or approved by City Council, The DDA’s Connecting William Street report served as the basis for an Offering Memorandum. After an outside consulting firm, CBRE vetted 9 proposals, the one that offered the highest purchase price was selected. In April 2017, the Ann Arbor City Council voted 8-3 to go forward with CORE Spaces proposal to build a 17 story luxury, hotel/apartment tower on the site. In response, the Library Green Conservancy is asking Council to reconsider this use and instead reshape the development of the Library Lot to be more consistent with City Council Resolution 14-0334 and more in-keeping with the goal of a pedestrian-oriented design of the Library Block.

Please read, share, download or print these documents:

The Long Struggle for a Downtown Central Park

City Council Resolution Designating Library Lot Site a Public Park

Offering Memorandum for Development of Library Lane

Core Proposal


Please read and share our Citizen’s Report on the Reuse of the Top of the Library Lot! You can read it online and even print it out after downloading the pdf file.

Library Green Conservancy Report

One of the most comprehensive and up-to-date sources regarding the Library Lot is the “Local in Ann Arbor” blog. This website welcomes suggestions for other links and relevant information.

Use the links below to find more information about the Library Lot, Ann Arbor’s planning process and the success of central parks and public spaces in generating positive outcomes for downtowns.

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Boston’s Post Office Square is an example of a hugely successful downtown public park created atop an underground parking structure:

Falls Park bridge

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